Role para baixo

Innovation and integration

With more than 30 years of existence, the Ferraz de Camargo and Matsunaga is an office that combines the technical rigor in conducting the legal issues entrusted by its customers with agility and the assertiveness necessary for the proper conduct of business challenges Contemporary.

The Office Fcam Lawyers has a vocation of integration of teams, of the congregation of the various knowledge and sciences in the search for the efficiency and accuracy of the work developed for its clients, respecting the differences and specificities activities, sectors, culture, national and international presence.

Our Organization is recognized for the ability to guide our customers with regard to complex issues and we have expertise to help them develop their business efficiently, aligning the delivery of quality work with the risk management of activities.

We are focused on providing a more detailed analysis of the demands. Fcam Lawyers has differentiated itself in the market for its capacity for innovation and the search for different and complete solutions, that actually provide a simpler perspective for the prevention and resolution of disputes and controversies, also as the conduction of business, respecting the differences, the cultural and organizational diversities of our customers.